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employer branding


are you familiar with the term employer branding? 

if yes, you can skip this part, if not let's see

why this is such a big deal

the first time this term was used was back in the 1990s by Simon Barrow and Tim Ambler. In their Journal of Brand Management published in December 1996, they defined the employer brand as "the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment, and identified with the employing company". since then big players on the market started actively working on this part of the company culture.

some important stats about employer branding

_less employees leave companies with str

our approach


step 1: research & understanding of current situation and culture

the first step is very crucial for the success of the whole employer branding strategy. we first must do a research and to get to know what do employees think and how they feel about the company

step 2: creation of a strong employer branding strategy

strategy is founded upon the goals and targets the organisation is in. at this point, we focus on all the things that may cause dissatisfaction. sometimes, even the smallest things can cause the biggest problems. after defining the direction we move to specific actions.

step 3: implementation and iteration

to make sure that the set strategies are followed and where we find synergies between set plans

case study

step 4: Transcom Worldwide

this is a bonus step! click here to see what we've done for Transcom Worldwide and how we brought their EB to a new level. 

you liked what you saw and you think we can help you with spreading the positive word about your company?

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