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creative & high-tech  management consulting 

like the best things in life, plankton was

born of dissatisfaction. bored of the status quo.

tired of false promises.

we wanted to get a grip on something concrete. and when we looked closely, we found it right in front of us, hidden in the complex structures that make every business succeed or fail.

it’s all about the little things.


at plankton, we engage the details to facilitate large-scale structural transformations, develop analytics-based digital marketing strategies, and help take businesses to the next level


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our core team

benjamin gredeson

founder & ceo

as an engineer who has an eye for creative, benjamin knows what functions within a system for a clear result


paula lema

executive project manager

our OCD project manager that makes sure we deliver the best quality on time

ehryl o'rourke

digital marketing

with experience from the fashion industry, ehryl has an incredible eye for details

Untitled design - 2020-10-22T112210.265.

vukasin obradovic

social & marketing

our social media nerd who knows what for, and how, both the kids and the older generations are using social


we love many things - brutalism and people are two examples.


@brotalism - a concept where we're curating

boys + brutalism and @brutalady, ladies + brutalism. have a look at our work


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