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the viral factory

the viral factory is a social engagement marketing agency founded in 2001. from the start, this agency managed to collect 1.5 billion views across all digital platforms. 41 times award-winning agency. 

what we did

influencer marketing

we collaborated on several projects by being in between influencers and the viral factory.

plankton organized whole communication and strategy in influencer campaigns. 

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research on creativity

as a part of the whole process, we were doing research on the most creative and suitable influencers in the whole industry.

micro-influencer marketing

depending on the campaign's object and the budget, we were going towards macro or micro-influencers. 

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video marketing

plankton also provided services of video production to the viral factory. together, we were working on video projects and the virality of those. we collected more than XXX views.

we made office hours more fun

watch the video we did in collaboration with the viral factory 

interested in influencer marketing or video production? contact us!

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