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Transcom Worldwide

Transcom Worldwide AB is a Swedish outsourcing company that provides customer care, sales, technical support, and collections services through an extensive network of contact centers and work-at-home agents.

key results

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social media footprint 

Transcom needed to improve and grow its digital footprint - this includes brand mentions, knowledge of the brand.

social media recruitment

Transcom needed to attract more talents via social media and online channels.

employer brand

Transcom needed to improve the employer brand in order to attract -and keep- the right talent.  



structure social media team

in order to understand what happened on each of the 50 locations, SME’s were hired on the project and weekly calls were instigated in order to share knowledge and best practices between the different sites in the big organization.


ambassadors were chosen internally to escalate happenings in the local sites as well as support the SME in content creation and event planning

recruited Employer Branding Experts

for the project, resources were hired throughout Europe. Benjamin set the role and set the recruitment process alongside the head of recruitment. the recruitment process included a creators’ case regarding social media, KPIs and content creation, video interview, and screening from the local recruiters where they where hired to.

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how we structured the team

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global employer branding & digital strategist

benjamin from plankton

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Local Expert country x

Local Expert country z

Local Expert country y

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ambassadors were chosen internally to escalate happenings in the local sites as well as support the SME in content creation and event planning

SM strategy

for Emp. Branding & Recruitment

an umbrella strategy was created in order to support the creation of local strategies within the global one 

Attracting and onboarding top talent faster through targeted SM campaigns (target groups for each project and client, leads campaigns), communicating company’s reward systems, community management, supporting Talent Acquisition administrative processes; maintaining contact and resourcing like-minded alumni from universities, student organisations and NGOs



Continuously ensuring that employees are engaged outside of work activities, during or after working hours, through Gamification, Digital Challenges, team-building activities, celebrating worldwide holidays; keeping a close contact with employees in their W@H system of work, maintaining a sense of belonging within the company.

employee engagement

Creating  an emotional momentum by communicating Transcom values, vision and mission on both 

internal and external communication channels through: events and activities, (digital) campaigns, content creation, community management, HR onboarding programs and processes, potential employees mapping for the Brand Advocacy program locally.



Organizing charitable actions to enrich and raise awareness of illness, disability and social inclusion organizations, giving back to communities locally, nationally and globally; internal and external campaigns to raise awareness about sustainability policies on global human and labor rights, and environmental impact; organizing medical and mental health support programs for employees.



social media results


The amount of Instagram followers globally for Transcom divided on about 20 accounts grew with over 300% from 2017 to 2020

  • Instagram


The total amount of Linkedin followers grew with 168% to over 48 000 as of end of April 2020

  • LinkedIn


The amount of global Facebook following grew with 153% in the European Facebook pages

  • Facebook

example result from hiring in Croatia online


number of HC

5 days

time for recruitment

20 euros

money invested in SM activities

marketing activities: careers page, SM, job board, student board, student center FB page

application sources

social media channels

employee referral

job board







talent pool






fast results

within 5 days Transcom managed to find 19 skilled employees to recruit. 74% of the recruited employees came from the social campaign that was made

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Getting 12 of the hires from social channels generated a cost-per-hire as low as 1.67€/hire from the 20€ spent on the recruitment on social channels

Untitled design - 2021-01-22T131158.622.

quality candidates

what was the result of this campaign?

the candidates from social channels had a 8.2% higher result on the recruitment test compared to the other sourcing channels

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people of Transcom

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Transcom Worldwide

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