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Plankton: An Ecosystem Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Creativity With Whalesized Ambitions

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ideas. Whalesized.

These are the first words you’re met with when you open Plankton’s new website. Behind them, you see a vast ocean with a whale’s fluke coming out of the water propelling the animal forward. This is what Plankton is all about - shattering your ideas about how things are done and driving innovation.

Plankton is a subsidiary of the powerhouse company Youpal Group. As an international technology business facilitator, Youpal Group has provided the ideal space for Plankton to grow and expand its offering. Like Plankton, Youpal Group focuses on the digi-creative synergy and providing solutions that are backed up by both experience and data. And with headquarters in several countries, the alignment is sure to bring Plankton even further into the global business frontier and to the awareness of a global audience.

The old-school ways of doing business are quickly becoming outdated and outmoded. These days, the way companies do business, establish their brands, and reach out to their communities and audiences has to stay dynamic and change at break-neck speeds more than ever to keep up. Unfortunately, the vast majority of consultancies still stick to doing things the more ‘standard’ way.

And this was the exact frustration and dissatisfaction with the status quo that led Benjamin Gredeson to found Plankton in 2019. Founded initially in Stockholm and moving to be based in Berlin, Plankton offers more to its clients than your average consulting firm. The group works with branding, PR, marketing, and social media. On the flip side, Plankton provides an array of automated solutions for marketing outputs. One of Plankton’s biggest goals is assisting different businesses in large-scale structural transformations. Likewise, it helps businesses to develop digital marketing strategies based on data behaviour analytics. Overall, you could call Plankton a sort of digital ecosystem that fosters creativity to automation and focuses on creative and high-tech management consulting.

Of course, Plankton simply wouldn’t be without the drive of its founder, Benjamin Gredeson. As Plankton’s founder and CEO, Ben describes himself as an engineer with an eye for the creative. On top of that, he’s always been a go-getter with whale-sized ambitions. And that’s what led him to start up Plankton to take that ambition and use it to help other companies that want to take their clients to the next level.

Benjamin Gredeson, Founder & CEO of plankton

Ben’s eye for creative design and focus on innovation has been informing his actions for years. Prior to starting Plankton, Ben successfully co-founded the Montreal-based artist collective whalewhale in 2017. To continue working on his creative ambitions, he also started numerous Instagram projects like @brotalism and @brutalady. These vertically engineered concepts focused on a mix of brutalist architecture and the individual. This aesthetic quickly became a major hit with audiences around the world. In particular, the two projects garnered thousands of followers in the architecture, travel, and photography community.

Having already proved that he could create something that drew attention from a wide audience, Benjamin decided to put his strong work ethic, entrepreneurship, creativity, and passion into a new project. This is when he started formulating the idea of Plankton. Here he continued to merge the aesthetics of simplicity and functionality.

In terms of the website’s design, Ben took a cue from two places. These include brutalist aesthetics similar to those found on his Instagram projects. This coupled well with a strong and stark aesthetic akin to Scandinavian design at its core. These qualities pair nicely to help Plankton’s clients’ growth and expand to a global audience.

Since its beginnings, the Plankton team has grown far beyond its size. Now it’s made up from a group of visionaries from a range of different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. This unique team comes together to come up with out-of-the-box and data-driven solutions to make sure that clients can expand their own projects. More importantly, everyone on the Plankton team shares in the mentality of always aiming for more and going all out for bigger ideas.

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