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Plankton Launches Innovative and Creative Business Support as Brand Consultants

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Berlin, Germany - The brand strategist Plankton starts their journey with new ways of supporting business with its digital and creative needs. The start-up is helping companies find their way in the vast ocean of data and focuses on holistic brand consultancy.

Plankton has recently refocused its efforts on helping companies develop their branding and employer branding strategies to keep knowledge, find new avenues for growth, and make employees more connected to the core of the business.

Overall, Plankton

  • Establishes & implements employer branding strategies.

  • Co-constructs strategic systems for innovation with their clients.

  • Does management consulting with pragmatic streamlined operations.

  • Drives global marketing, PR, and social media campaigns.

  • Builds brands and creates communities around concepts and companies.

Plankton was founded in 2019 in Sweden by Benjamin Gredeson and is now based

in Berlin with a strong connection to Youpal Group, an international business facilitator that focuses on high-tech IT and management consulting. This partnership has helped springboard Plankton further into the global business market, where it combines technology and creativity in order to help businesses grow. In CEO Benjamin Gredeson’s own words: “We're seeing great potential for growth and finding completely new ways for starting conversations with our clients and their prospects, using smart tools and pragmatic approaches to their needs."

Plankton operates globally and along with Gredeson as CEO, Plankton’s staff comes from a range of different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. This unique mix is a key component for them to come up with fresh and innovative data-driven solutions to make sure that clients can expand their own projects. Again from Gredeson: "We help brands find their own personality and an effective way forward".

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